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Industrial Bakery

Manufacture of baked goods and pastries.
Commercial production for baked goods, pastries and other products.  

Pre-Cast, Pre-Fab Concrete Panels

Making concrete parts (walls, panels, beams, etc.
In off-site workshop or factory prior to on-site installation. The primary purpose of prefabrication is to produce building components in an efficient working environment

Masar Service Center


We at Masar Service Center (Your One-Stop-Center) are proud to offer you an extensive, confidential package of assistance to help you identify the full range of hard and soft benefits of choosing Oman as an investment destination and business location.

We will work with you to ensure your business requirements are met, such as identifying potential sources of financial support including loans and institutional investors with the aim of assisting you in your business development and will also link you with Credit Oman, which has shaped domestic trade and catalyzed exports from Oman to regional and international markets. 


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